This promising Taoist/ Chinese New Year has a grandiose start. The auspicious Dragon arrives with the Super New Moon:

Giving more potency to the New Beginning energy, as the moon is closer to the Earth.

The Rabbit hops out and the Dragon slithers in! The powerful Dragon can also swim or fly in! After all, is the only Divine creature of the Chinese Zodiac that moves in all dimensions.

The extraordinary and mystical Dragon is also known as a supreme being. He has unparalleled talent. The Dragon can be found in water, on land and in the skies. He likes to disguise himself in the clouds, you may see his tail or head. 

The Dragon controls the waters, from rain to rivers, and the wind.

The magnificent dragon of mythical folklore never ceases to enchant and stir the imagination.

We will throw caution to the four winds and roll up our sleeves for all sorts of exhilarating, colossal, overambitious and daring projects. The indomitable spirit of the Dragon will inflate everything to larger-than-life size.

A good year to get married, have children, and start a business. The benevolent Dragon brings fortune and happiness.

Adopted by Theodora Lau

The world is the Dragon’s stage to triumph. The secret is his self-confidence and optimism, which overcomes all challenges. But he also has a sense of responsibility towards humanity. His golden heart and fearless spirit, represent the balance of the Taoist philosophy. 

The Dragon is unreachable. But, he comes to those who are daring and brave like him. They go full charge to fulfil an ambition, goal, and dream! But the Dragon can just be tamed and be an ally for those with a pure heart. 

Kuan Yin, the Taoist Goddess of compassion, rides a Dragon. 

Our Jade Priestess Lineage anchors the Dragon Mystic Codes on the planet. We do this through our inner alchemy practices. These are high frequencies of love and light, for harmony to be restored. 

The Dragons are masters of Alchemy and masters of positive Transformation. 

This is a unique and special year:

  • The Dragon is in his main Yang Wood Element, think about forests and high trees. As all animals go through the 5 Elements, this Wood Dragon aka Green Dragon happens every 60 years!

We are in 8 vibration year, it’s the numerology for 2024

  • The number 8 is the infinity number. It also makes the connections between Earth, the material, and Heaven, the spiritual. For some traditions also translate plenty. This aligns with the Dragon’s energy. Reminding us that the Universe is filled with infinite possibilities. We just need to believe and go for it!

The 8 is important for the Taoist. We have the 8 Forces of the Universe (Fire-Water, Heaven-Earth, Mountain-Lake, Wind-Thunder). The 8 Forces connect with the 8 Immortals, special ascended masters in our tradition. 

The Pakua we use for Feng Shui is an octagon and means symbol of eight. And the 8 parts relate to different aspects of our life from love to career. We also use the Pakua energetically in our Supreme Inner Alchemy aka Feng Shui for humans. (On the Jade Egg Power of Fusion – Step 3.)

Some Dragons move in pairs in Figure 8, like our DNA spirals. 

The Chinese Dragon can spit fire and water.

So no surprise that the mighty Dragon is legendary and noblest for the Taoists,

he is the Keeper of the Tao.

One of the Dragon legends tells that the Yellow Emperor was very supportive of the Taoist Arts. He is the ancestor of all Chinese people. Upon his death, he transformed into a Dragon and ascended to Heaven.

The Dragon is the Messenger of Heaven, one of the reasons that makes him an iconic creature. 

Jade is also considered the crystal of heaven. And the solidified semen of the Dragon, the purest form of Yang energy! When the Jade Egg is inside the purest form of yin energy, our Jade Gate aka vagina: Guess what? Pure alchemy leads to profound harmony!

Here’s a Dragon’s New Year resolution: give special attention to your Jade Egg! Or get your Jade Egg, which I approach as a tool, jewel and talisman. Can be an empowering talisman.

The Dragon is the 5th Animal (from the 12) of the Chinese Zodiac.  

5 is the number of transformation, the shamanic number, and the 5 stages of a woman’s life. This is why we have the 5 Steps to Heaven – Jade Egg Holistic Practice Training. This creation emerged from a Dragon whispering to me.

What about this Wood Dragon? 

Let’s define the Wood Element, which encompasses plant life. It connects with the Spring and the East when things begin. And of course the Green Dragon. In our body associates with the liver, which we call the ‘general’ for all the vital functions it has. And the gallbladder, the ‘decision maker’! It also connects with our eyesight and joints.

The best thing you can do for the health of the joints is Qigong and Tai Chi.

All kinds of detox, body, mind and spirit are welcome. It’s necessary to be clear to grow and to manifest. 

The Dragon stands for health and vitality, he’s a storehouse of energy! 

He is also a doer, so mind yourself, to give the same to you that you are giving to others. Replenish yourself with the same energy you are putting into your achievements.

Make health your anchor. 

Don’t take your health for granted, ongoing self-care is the key.  Without health, you can’t reach your full potential. 

Also, in your full chi (energy) and power, you become magnetic, like the charismatic Dragon. From this space, things flow to you. When you add sacred sexual energy to this, you become super magnetic. Blend it with a compassionate heart, you tap into the power of the Divine Feminine.

Green is the colour of health. The Dragon is associated with health and wealth, like Jade. 

For all the reasons above, I’m calling it the Year of the Jade Dragon!

The Wood Dragon is generous and forgiving, especially to those who wrong him. He just soared above. For me, that’s the way to go. As I usually say when smiling at the liver, part of the Inner Smile meditation:  

When we can forgive the unforgivable we are free. 

The Wood Element gives the Dragon a boost in innovation and flexibility.

“…as the Wood Dragon takes center stage, these attributes expand to influence us collectively. The energy of the Wood Dragon beckons us to explore our depths, fostering curiosity, independence, and a thirst for knowledge.”  Tsao-Lin Moy

Last, but not least: 

The Dragon is the Visionary. 

He has the power to see beyond the visible.

  • What is your vision for this extraordinary year? 
  • And in the coming 12 years when the Dragon will return?

Long-term projects are also blessed by the determined Dragon.

This year I took another bold step towards the Jade Circle® expansion. Created the Jade Priestess Path Programme. It starts with the Initiation Path towards the High Priestess Training with the Jade Dragon Path. A vision to unfold…

The Dragons are present at all times at our Jade Egg Mastery School. And also at the Jade Priestess Temple Arts Apprenticeship.

The Dragon is with us until the 28th of January 2025, so until then:

  • What would you like to transform? 
  • What would you like to expand?

Be the co-creator of your destiny and a positive force in the world.

Express your authentic self in all your glory and beauty.

The time is now, the power is you!

And now close your eyes for a moment and answer this:

Are you riding the Dragon or are you the Dragon?

***Have a magical year filled with radiant health and self-empowerment!***

© Anamarta

Dragon Zen painting by Kris Deva North

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