I feel honoured for the thousands of women who have been part of the Jade Circle®, delighted for our Global Sisterhood and amazing community, and deeply grateful for these Jade Goddesses sharing their personal experiences here, with what the Jade Egg Holistic Practice brought to their life.

“…reconnecting with my creative feminine sexual energy… a journey of loving and accepting myself completely and unconditionally… my period pain reduced quickly and my endometriosis is in remission as well… I would like to recommend to any woman who wants to unlock and explore the super feminine power and to heal the abdominal pain and create a harmonious relationship with your body…”

“…It has helped me through different experiences… one of them is when I had the cyst… Anamarta made a prescription that I follow and after a month the cyst burst… then I found out that I was pregnant, that was a beautiful and magical way to see the healing I went through… And now I’m in my second pregnancy and I’m again in an advanced workshop… The jade egg is a light in my life.”

…changed my life in the best way… after four months my period came back, after three years… and after 6 months the cysts in my ovaries disappeared… to feel powerful to be a woman… bring healing, peace, power, strength, joy, a lot of beautiful things!

She gave the same advice she received to her sister, who was also able to heal completely her polycystic ovaries in a few months.

“…life changing, so profoundly healing of trauma on a deep level… also taught me so much about self-respect and what self-care really is… had a profound effect on the relationship with myself… what I really take is that all that you need to transform yourself is actually within you, you just need the tools, and is what I got from the Jade Egg Workshop… and that is the most powerful thing!”

…Inspiration…also a feeling of community and support… it’s really a fantastic toolkit to have… I would recommend to every woman because is very empowering to understand more your body, understand more your cycles whatever is your menstrual, emotional, energetical cycle and to be able to balance them.”

” as a child, I experience a lot of sexual trauma… and I just found the first weekend in particularly incredibly healing… very empowering… I love the emphasis put on compassion… reawakening of your sexuality when you are 60, very nice for me and the relationship with my husband… I think everyone should have a jade egg”

“…understand which time in my cycle I am and it’s related to my attitudes towards things… ability to accept myself as a girl, before I didn’t like it… now I honour it!… and love my periods, I don’t have PMS anymore… I’m great!…”

“…has given me a structure I can easily apply in order to access my energy, heal my body, and my emotions… the jade egg is extraordinary… it really grounds me and centre me in my feminine…
a new understanding of the possibilities of my body…”

“…it is at all levels, emotional, physical and spiritual level… A must for all women! As a mature woman, I found it really beneficial…it’s been a very sacred practice, a great blessing… how to manifest the sensuality and sexuality, as it’s something is not given naturally in most of the other practices…”

“…exploring my feminine nature, my sexuality… I just become so more in touch with my cycles, the moon cycles, just universally… be able to listen and recognise how my body responds at those times, therefore, I can embrace what is going on… it helps to bring balance, I can feel, and listen and respond accordingly…”

“…I feel a lot calmer now, it seems to smooth down that feeling of competing in life, and so it’s much more harmonious and a nice place to live.”

“… to be me completely inside out… how to go inwards… and understanding what it means to be a woman… my children were the first ones to notice the change…”

“…ultimately brought me surrender… it’s a way to get the balance between the kind of aggressive power and subtle power… My grandmum joining me and my mum in the Jade Circle®!… practices to work on me… it’s actually just not close my eyes… waiting to be enlightened, it’s practical, it’s beautiful and it’s amazing.”

“… an exploration of my body and inner world physical and energetically… Brings Anamarta creative, feminine, fluid way of teaching this kind of practices that so often pass down by men and in doing that they always lose something… really enriches my life to become more clear, more focus on my own life path…” 

“… change my life by helping me my monthly cycles, make them more regular… enhance my creativity with energy work… is being very useful in all aspects of my life.”

“…for me to be humble… I have three grandchildren and I want to leave them with something to hold on to… brought me this wonderful gift of opening.”