The Lunar New Year is here, as it also happens to be the first New Moon of 2023 along with the Chinese Spring Festival, when the wheel of the 12 Animals which make the Taoist Zodiac turns, so:

The Tiger stalks away and the Rabbit aka Hare hops in! 

An auspicious start with a Super New Moon (closer to the Earth) and at 01° degree in Aquarius, which in astrology means that it reinforces its energy and potency of new beginnings.

The Rabbit is associated with the Wood Element (aka plant life), the Spring when things begin. Let the renewal and beautiful energy of the Spring light up this Bunny year! 

The Taoist (Chinese) Year goes in a Yang & Ying 5 Element cycle (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water), so from the Yang Water previous year, like a tsunami or a strong water flow, we enter a Yin Water year, like a pleasant light rain or a droplet. This Water Rabbit Year has a passive energy. 

A placid year with an unhurried pace, very much welcomed and needed after the ferocious year of the Tiger.  Adopted from Theodora Lau

The numerology for 2023 is 7 (2+0+2+3 = 7) which vibrates for change and magic.  

It’s going to be interesting to observe the Gracious Rabbit, the Peacemaker, who seeks tranquillity, surfing the big waves of change, perhaps in an enjoyable and smooth ride?

Yes, 7 always calls for change, the necessary completion of a cycle in order to start another, otherwise imbalance takes place, as what one resists will persist!
7 days of the week, 7 chakras (aka energy centers), 7 colours of the rainbow.
7 is a high spiritual number and is a really interesting planetary shift happening this year that may bring more spiritual awareness and another step towards our humanitarian evolution.

Saturn, the planet of karma and structure, ‘what needs to be done’, is moving to Pisces, the water sign, of creativity and empathy, dreams and spirituality, on the 7th of March, (where it will be for 2.5 years). May this give us the structure to turn our deepest dreams into reality, and to materialise our most creative ideas and visions.

Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, is going to move to Aquarius and will be there until 2044. This slow-moving planet brings a generational new mark and lessons. What does this mean? We have Pluto in Capricorn since 2008 – the hardworking and ambitious, the traditional who prefers stability. Now moving into Aquarius – the rebel and philanthropic, the progressive who prefers freedom.
The last time this happened (1778–1798) we had massive social and public rights changes, such as the French Revolution and The Vindication of the Rights of Women by Mary Wollstoncraft, who advocated for educational reform, calling for women to have the same rights and opportunities as men. This was a revolutionary book in 1792.

The Rabbit/ Hare epitomize diplomacy, harmony and inner peace, and the number 7 is also connected with our relationships.

Hare desires refinement and harmony in all interactions with others. Susan Levit 

In Feng Shui, the Relationship & Love corner is the furthest right corner when you enter a room (having your back towards the door behind you). Pay attention to the room where you spend more time in your house, but especially your bedroom. Is this corner aligned with what you would like to attract into your relationships and love life? 

In Taoist mythology, the Rabbit is a symbol of longevity, elegance, amiability and worship of beauty. Also associated with love and friendship, luck and prosperity.

Besides Rabbit’s cautious actions, every so often it needs surprises too. As they say:  
Pull a rabbit out of the hat. 

Do you know the Rabbit is the only animal besides the famous Dragon which has a mystic aspect in Chinese astrology?

This is because it lives on the moon with Chang’e, the Taoist Moon Goddess of Immortality. Known as the Jade Rabbit, according to the legend, on the full moon, you can see him cooking the elixir of immortality. 
Also, believed to be the only animal who was able to match the noble beauty of this Goddess. 
They are both worshipped from ancient to modern times in the Mid-Autumn Festival (the second biggest in China after the New Year.)

The moon is associated with the psychic, intuition/ inner wisdom, and feminine mystery.  
In the Taoist tradition, the moon is in the kidneys, associated with the Water Element, and also linked with sexual organs and the brain. And the virtues associated with these respectively are gentleness, creativity and willpower: the Rabbit stands for all of them.

Don’t underestimate Rabbit’s kind and quiet nature, as it possesses a strong will to move steadily towards its goals and is tenacious against adversity.

The skilful, talented, and artistic Rabbit, who also has an eye for detail, inspires us to delve into our imagination. Just keep grounded, so like this, you can fly as high as the moon but know where to come back to!…

Imagination is the highest kite one can fly.  Lauren Bacall

There are many famous rabbits: Bugs Bunny, Roger Rabbit, Peter Rabbit, to name a few!

The Water Rabbit is more sensitive and emotional, introspective and meditative. 

To feel is to heal, but make sure you work on your emotional balance to not get overwhelmed and have strong energetic boundaries to avoid being easily affected by others. The Taoist practice offers the tools for these, as it’s all about the cultivation of inner harmony, through rooting into the Earth and conscious breathing, with Qigong and Tai Chi, meditations and other Yin practices.

The Rabbit has a high sense of self-protection as it is hunted by many animals.

The Water emotion is fear, and in the Native American tradition, the Rabbit can be associated with the “fear call” – if you are afraid of what can happen, which is not yet in form, it’s what you are calling, as our thoughts create our reality. So breathe out the fear, and focus on positive thoughts, on what you want and wish for!

In the Pagan tradition, we have Eostre, the Goddess of the moon, fertility, and the rebirth of the Earth, who becomes a rabbit on the full moon. So her symbols are the rabbit or/and hare, and the eggs. This is the origin of the name Ostara for the Spring Equinox and later on where the Christians got the idea for Easter, with the bunnies and the eggs.

Well, this takes me to the Jade Egg, which resonates with pretty much everything that has been mentioned above, being the crystal of the moon, of fertility, inner wisdom, purity as the Jade Rabbit, a kidney healer, and so on!… 

So if you have a Jade Egg, a great opportunity to connect deeper with it, which means with yourself. And for those who feel ready to join us in this journey of unveiling the feminine mystery, indeed a great year to start!

How do you connect with the Rabbit, Bunny, Hare? 

Whatever you choose to hop in, enjoy, (the Rabbit knows how to enjoy life too!) this Special Year of Hope, with a Tranquil Pace and a Yin Embrace. 

***Let Beauty Inspire You and Your Intuition Guide You!***

© Anamarta

Rabbit Zen painting by Kris Deva North

2o image – Hare by Zaira Dzhaubaeva


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