As the dog barks away the pig oinks in, walking, rolling, flying in!

Absolutely love the opportunity of a re-start of 2019, to reinforce intentions, share the joy and manifest dreams with the Taoist (Chinese) New Year!… And indeed a highlight for the Taoists.

Pig also aka Boar, is the symbol of wealth and good luck

In Chinese culture the pig’s big ears and chubby face symbolise good fortune, and being pig the “giver”, the manifestation of generosity also attracts success in all the spheres of life. 

It’s an Earth Pig year and this element supports stability and abundance.

And we are in a number 3 year (the numerology of 2 + 0 + 1 + 9). 

Pig is the 12th animal in the Chinese Zodiac (1 + 2 = 3)! 

The legend says when the Jade Emperor summoned the animals which will make the Zodiac, the Pig was the last to arrive, a version says because of falling asleep (the laid back pig). The other version says because it had to build his house which had been destroyed (the diligent pig).

Three is the number of creativity and abundance! 

The power of three is universal tripartite of body, soul and spirit.

A yang-yin number, as it is the sun (1) and moon (2), the perfect marriage of the masculine and feminine which translates into creation!

What do you want to create in this auspicious year?

Chinese astrologers believe it would be difficult to find another zodiac sign exuding as much optimism as the Pig.

Pig is also a sociable creature who likes everyone. They also are known by their tolerance and compassion, which of course explains the fact they accept all. 

Do you know?

The animal itself has a complex social life, learning from one another and working together, pretty much like humans! Also been shown to find empathy when observing another animal, and get in real distress if seeing another being in pain.

Contrary to what most think, the pig is one of the cleanest animals: they are the only farm animal that makes a separate sleeping den and latrine area. The fact they roll in the mud is to cool down their bodies; like humans, they have sweat glands.

Pig is also intelligent, the 4th in the world actually, akin to a 3 years old child! They communicate constantly with each other with their twenty different vocalisations, the mother sings to their piglets when breastfeeding, they are sweet by nature, they like to sleep nose to nose while snuggling.

When you look at the pig, looks like they always smiling. 

Happy Pig happy year?

Time to enjoy the company of loved ones, deepen relationships which are worthwhile, also let go those which are not. To be open to making new friends, and use your intelligence in an innovative and flexible manner to manifest, but also to magnetise what you want, for your intentions have to be clear and your heart open. 

For Pig harmony and support prevails, and brings me to this African proverb:

When you go alone you go fast, when you go together you go strong.

Definitely, the energy in the air is of goodwill, after all, is considered a year of plenty!

The curious Pig radiates a sense of wellbeing, vitality, enthusiasm, contentment and security.

La dolce vita and Carpe Diem are lived by the self-indulgent Pig who loves to enjoy the sweetness of life, with all its pleasures and beauty and live like is no tomorrow.

Absolutely fine, when people get caught in their responsibilities, and sometimes lost track of what it’s really important in life, so definitely take time to do what makes your heart smile! I always share a “Pleasure List To Do!” as a new year resolution; you can find the link to it below.

Now, of course, all the investment you do on yourself, especially towards your health and joy are worth it, but just keep an eye to not get carried away with the spur of the moment!… Pigs have that side towards themselves, but also towards others, with its spontaneous acts of generosity. They are always the leeches and opportunist around the givers, so sharing is great, but giving no more than you set to give, and indeed give to yourself first. Sometimes for the honest and naive Pig, is hard to understand other hidden agenda, so it’s really important to establish your boundaries. 

When mentioned above about compassion, acceptance and tolerance, starts on your own self, precisely for others don’t take advantage of it.

Pig is a Yin animal, associated with the Water Element, so in our body with the sexual organs, kidneys and bladder, brain and bones. 

Pig is sensuous. Sensuality is also a virtue of the Yin Earth Element – our year.

We are in the true Feminine Year, and a great reminder to cultivate your Sacred Sensuality, Sexuality and Feminine self.

The Jade Egg Holistic Practice gives you great tools/practices for this while keeping you grounded, support your energetical boundaries, the cultivation of self-love, self-acceptance and confidence while you step into your feminine empowerment with a compassionate heart. The Jade Egg itself is associated with abundance, not only physical abundance but opens the path to open our heart to Divine Abundance and sharing with others in affirmation of plenty. I wrote a short article about it you can find below “How to Embrace Abundance in All Levels? Jade Egg Secret…”

The virtue of the Water Element is gentleness and wisdom, but the emotion is fear.

Yes, let’s talk about the evil twin, your shadow side. ‘I’m not good enough. I’m not sure if I can do it. Maybe not…’ well these come around, especially when more tired, so make sure you rest to feel replenished, and when we are more sensitive, make sure you allow time to nurture yourself and time to simply be. But let them be simple moments and not a way of being. Remember:

Your thoughts create your reality.

This year the opportunities will come, but they will go too if you let the moment pass by!

The pig is also considered a “Travelling Star”, that’s why the Year of the Pig will stimulate travelling more than other years.

That travel of your dreams? Visit friends you mean to for ages? Short or long, go for it! 

The wild aspect of the Pig, if a Wild Boar charges into a person is to kill.

The Wild Boar is the medicine of Confrontation in North America and Mesoamerican shamanic traditions. 

Wild Board teaches to confront without fear. Its medicine teaches us to confront human weakness and to change them into strengths. The human spirit is empowered through the Wild Board’s willingness to confront fears, the challenges at hand, and uncomfortable circumstances. Courageously standing tall, without running from the situations that life presents, is powerful medicine indeed. Embrace your warrior nature and find the courage to confront your fears, anything or anyone you have been avoiding… You already have the courage needed to confront all that life offers, challenges do not simply vanish. Unless you actively embrace your issues you cannot reclaim your spirit’s energy. Half the battle is won through the warrior’s willingness to acknowledge and to accept the whole truth at all times. Those sharp tusks can cut to the heart of the matter and reveal the valiant warrior self that you may have unwittingly abandoned.”
Adopted from the Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams.

I’m a pig myself, and can confirm all the above!

***Wish you a delightful Pig Year filled with abundance in all levels – share it and enjoy life with all its beauty and pleasures! Believe your pig can fly…!***

© Anamarta

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Pig Zen painting by Kris Deva North