Today is upon us the Powerful Scorpion Full Moon.

This moon relates to emotions (especially intense ones), seeing deep within, dealing with sexual matters, secrets, occult studies, solving mysteries and getting to the root of things, investigation, concentration, and finances.

Are you aware by reflecting inwardly you can recover and/or enhance your abilities and talents?

In terms of Healing relates to the sexual organs.
So a reminder to connect with one of the sacred parts of your beautiful feminine body, your Jade Gate (Taoist way to name the sexual organs): this powerful compass we have within, the womb wisdom we carry from our ancestors and true yin (feminine) essence innate to us – How?… I have this question often how can we harness this power within? The first step is to acknowledge that it’s there, delve into it to heal our own selves and female lineage and then the blossoming begin!… Is like a flower that needs nurturing and attention before sharing beauty, fragrance and delight with the world.

By connecting with your Jade Gate you can Heal and Empower yourself, harness your Creativity and honour your Divine Feminine Self.

The Jade Egg Holistic Practice has various tools to support you on this: the Jade Egg itself, the meditations of Inner Smile and Healing Sounds, the Womb Breathing & Rooting, and the Kuan Yin Qigong, which besides grounding and centering, offers gentle, but profound exercises for the whole body, including the pelvis. So for the ones who learned these keep on with your practices, for those who would love to learn and join our International Jade Priestess Sisterhood (literally hundreds of women from ALL Over the World) we have the Jade Egg Initiation Workshop (1st step of the 5 Steps to Heaven) coming in June.

One of the benefits you get from these practices is the harmonisation of the left and right sides of the brain, so supports you to trust intuition to be your guide, and have your conscious working in balance with the unconscious, and vice-versa… 

And do you know that your throat (communication center) and your genitals /womb (sexual, creative center) are connected?
Yes, a yin and yang connection, the yin in your sexual center, where is creativity, the yang in your throat, the way you express your creativity, your truth.
The more you activate one of these centers, the more you activate the other, and in many cases, heal the other…
Something you can do now:

  • You can easily activate your throat by laughing, moaning, and singing!
  • You can activate your Jade Gate: with the Jade Egg (this amazing tool!); by connecting and smiling at it, squeezing/ contracting and then relaxing the Jade Gate.

In this Scorpio Full Moon you can use this profound time to learn to trust your higher consciousness, find inner peace and to transform your sexual/creative life in a positive and uplifting way.

Some Moon Magic (magic for me is no  more than a change of consciousness), here is a Scorpio Full Moon Ritual:

***** Light a deep red candle and burn incense or oil of myrrh or ginger, create an affirmation based on the Scorpio virtues and repeat it three times, be specific! (If you don’t have any of these, improvise, what is important is your intention). Here is an idea: 

Scorpion Moon, strong and deep, all my power I embrace and keep.

In the Tao of Moon Power,


The Life-Enhancing and for many Women Life-Changing 2.5 Days JADE EGG INITIATION Workshop: