Tao Of Shamaness Training Online & in London 

Special Samhain 2024

4.5 Days divided into an Evening and two Weekends, on Zoom and the other In-Person.
These Unique Shamanic Healing Workshops are created to follow and complement each other. We offer a special price when booking altogether. They can also be done separately. For bookings scroll down.

All Women Are Welcome!
Places are Limited.

Tao/ The Way of the Shamaness, the Medicine Woman, the Alchemist, the Seer, the Whisperer, the Healer, the one who walks in all dimensions, as above so below.

Revealing Secrets, Concepts and Practices ideal both for beginners and for more experienced shamanic practitioners. Based on Anamarta’s deep experience, as shamanic practices have been part of her whole life, enriched with worldwide travels. 

For self-healing or/and healing others, to develop sensitivity to energies or just sharpening them up, to trust your intuition, and to align clarity with power for fulfilment and manifestation.

In-Person Weekend Workshop. Scroll down for the Online Workshops the weekend before.

With the Samhain New Moon:

Saturday 2nd November10.30am to 6pm & Sunday 3rd Nov.10.30am to 5.30pm

Crystal Shamanic Healing in London

  Stone People, Shamaness ancient allies and healing tools

*** Crystals are living beings: they have an energy flow due to their composition of electron and protons, therefore they are conductors of energy. Like humans, they have an electromagnetic field (aura), and they emanate different qualities of energy. The bones (used and ritualised in different shamanic traditions around the world) are crystalline structures, so human beings can channel and project energy as crystals. 

*** The formation of a crystal deep inside the earth takes millions of years. They absorb minerals, some even oxygen and water, they have an energetic structure (as humans through our meridians/energy lines), so when tuned with the person’s body an energetical connection happens, and they can transform and amplify energies which balance our biological system at the cellular and all the other levels of our being. When properly used they can also support new programmes in our mind (like a computer), clear old patterns and strengthen our intentions.

*** The mineral kingdom dense matter has a magnetic quality allowing crystals/stones/rocks to record all that occurs on the planet, so not surprisingly called the record holders for Mother Earth.

My dearest and great teachers, ‘the stone people’, with whom I have been working and learning for two decades.

You Will LEARN Crystal Healing to your Womb and Heart beyond the Jade Egg AND:

  • How Crystals Can Enhance – Your life, your space, your connections with realms above and below, and the clarity of your thought
  • Crystals Various Purposes – Healing tools, inner journey, protection, attraction, clearing, calming, channelling, divination
  • Crystals Different Qualities and Uses – Energy & colors, the yin & yang, powerful shapes, the ‘grandparents/doctors’
  • Meditation, Journey and Affirmations – Mind, body & spirit and the mineral kingdom with the power of attraction
  • Medicine Wheel with Stones/Crystals – Directions, elements, the sacred circle and crystal energy grid
  • Feng Shui with Crystals – Keep the important places in your space harmonised and positively charged
  • ‘Hands of Light’ aka Cosmic Qigong – Develop sensitivity to etheric fields and keep grounded
  • The Jade Egg – How it works as a shamanic Healing Tool and Talisman, and why a Jewel
  • Crystals Care and Gifts – Mastery cleansing and charging, raise their vibration as yours 
  • Directing – Aura, energy field, anatomy, meridians and points
  • Aura – Seeing, sensing, feeling, healing

Friday 25th October – 6.30 to 9pm BST (aka GMT+1) 

Hawaiian Shamanic Healing Online

Aloha Circle, the way to heal yourself through love

Huna Healing is the Shamanic tradition of Hawaii, the practitioners Kahuna, mediators with Spirit.
Everything is a gift and a blessing, for everything is love, and gratitude and thanks must be given even for hurt and pain. Then harmony can be restored between soul and body.

Each child is born of the rainbow and there at death returns.
We are born perfect and gifted by the gods with a calabash of light to illuminate our way. In our passage through life we dodge or embrace the hurt and pain, and give love, joy and kindness. Each sadness given or received adds a pebble to the calabash, obscuring the light. Each joy removes a pebble, increasing our radiance. When our time comes to step back upon the rainbow, the more light in our calabash the sooner we can find our way home.

Our thoughts are our reality and we can change both. 

The good and the bad of the past have become our thoughts. We can change the karma brought from before by our thoughts, and we can change the effect of what happens now, by our responses. We can take pebbles out, or put more in. We can choose, to live in the light, or the dark.

Sharing the teachings of my Kahuna to choose to live in the light! 


  • Hula Dance – which is part of the Huna/Hawaiian Shamanic Healing
  • Huna Healing with Healing Affirmations and the Karmic Map meditation – understanding karma, and to clear it through forgiveness, love and gratitude. Returning to the light, becoming the light:

Calabash of Light – Aloha Mahalo Meditation – Embracing Forgiveness and Love

When we can forgive the unforgivable we are truly free.
When we can forgive, especially forgive ourselves, we are allowing space for new experiences and energy to flow in.

***Living Aloha = true love, connection with Universal Love, all good and positive feelings towards the self and others.

This Workshop took place in Boom Festival “Shamanism Edition” for a mixed group of thousands of people and so many feedback their powerfully amazing experience after it, take a glimpse in these videos.

Saturday 26th October & Sunday 27th Oct. – 10am to 5.30/6pm  timetable below

Taoist Shamanic Healing Online 

Stepping lightly in all realms

*** “The Shamaness became the Healer in the community and, particularly in the Taoist tradition, is known only to the community, unknown in the outer world. This secrecy stems from the days of persecution. As Healing Warrior, the Shamaness mediates with, or combats, Spirit, by taking into her or himself the energies, to heal and to seal.”

*** “…Taoist Shamans were persecuted, like witches in the west. They continued their practices in secret, without the use of drums, rattles, robes or other articles of the craft to identify themselves. The saying goes ‘you cannot tell a sage by her clothes.’ They were also known as magicians…”

*** “In Taoist magic as in the Tao, there is no judgement – we are all responsible for ourselves. As long as you do not harm another being, you are free to do what you want.”

You Will LEARN Shamanic Healing to your Womb and Heart beyond the Jade Egg AND:

  • Shamanic Tools and Uses – Intuition, dreams, prayer and ceremony, hands, wand, bowl, drum, fan, incense, water, herbs, resins
  • ‘Hands of Light’ aka Cosmic Qigong – Daily practice to develop sensitivity to etheric fields and enhance healing power
  • Communing with Spirit – Journey through the Inner Eye, Heaven’s Garden, Moon Gates, Steps and Chambers
  • Shamanic Techniques – Intention, visualisation, communing with others; drilling, cutting, separating
  • Affirmations – Empowering creative thoughts for health, happiness, and manifestation of desires
  • Guides Totems and Animals – Taoist Medicine Wheel, relationships to other traditions
  • The Jade Egg – Taoist Shamaness Secret Tool: it’s spiritual and shamanised aspect
  • The Pakua – From the prehistoric shamanic divination to the present Feng Shui
  • Space Clearing and Cleansing – Personal, General and Specific
  • Adapting other traditions – Native American medicine cards

*** Adopted and quoted from the Taoist Medicine Wheel – Tao of Shaman by Kris Deva North, I had a pleasure to contribute to. It is the reading resource for this workshop.


Sat. & Sun. – 10am to 12pm break 1.30 to 3.30pm break 4.30 to 5.30/6pm London Time – we’ll be flexible and go with the flow of the group.

Saturday BST (aka GMT+1) and Sunday UK Time (aka GMT)

Each weekend workshop is £197 and the evening one is £27. 

We offer a saving of £347 when booking the three workshops, which will be 4.5 Days + Special Offer with an extra session with an Ancestors Ritual on Wednesday 30th October 2024.

London Workshop @ Melvin Hall (Middle Hall) Melvin Road SE20 8EU

For those who can’t make it to London, we also have a Special Offer when booking the Hawaiian & Taoist Shamanic Healing Workshops: you will receive a Shamanic Healing Circle, that will work as a follow up session to review, evolve and/or master the practices we have done + Ancestor Ritual on Wed. 30th Oct. from 7 to 9pm UK Time (aka GMT).

Please contact us to join the Waiting List.