Let me present to you my Evil Twin, known already by a very few of you and talked about by many of you in Jade Circle®:

Hello, I am Anamarta’a shadow side, yes the one who has the dark and naughty thoughts, and negative emotions, and I am especially around when she is tired (and hungry), close to her moontime (period) is always the possibility for me to take over!… And when she gets stressed or sad I bring her terrible ideas… But above all she recognises me as part of her everyday life, so we are good friends, even when she says something not so nice, she would say “it’s not me, it’s my evil twin”; mostly we laugh at each other!…

Do you know your Evil Twin?

Are you on good terms with her?

I used to say “I know all my demons”, and one day I decided to transfer them all and created my Evil Twin who helps to take my imperfections much more lightly, accepting them.

Although being mostly in light by choice, I know the dark is there always to teach something about myself, and also to give the opportunity to let go of what no longer serves me, creating space for new experiences and energy to flow.

By looking at myself in the mirror and seeing all the light and dark, this inner confrontation leads me to inner knowing, which leads me to inner harmony.

How does this happen?

Well, it’s not just by pressing a button I’m afraid, it’s about choices and the attitude towards my own self and life.

I found accepting myself unconditionally contributes greatly to my health, loving relationships with myself and everyone else, and getting and live the life I want.

The ‘tools’ that the Jade Egg Holistic Practice provides are very supportive and useful for not only cultivating self-acceptance but Embracing Unconditional Self-Acceptance!

In the Taoist Tradition, there is no hell (just Earth and Heaven), it’s we who create our own demons, so the idea is to embrace them and pacify them because if you fear them, you empower them: and this may bring the consequences of living in fear, living a lie and indeed accumulating toxins which can damage our health…

As the polarities of the external Universe, we can not live without each other, the same exists within us.  But we have indeed an option to do something about it, it is in our hands to transform the negative and cultivate the positive.

Have our faces turn to the sun and the shadow will fall behind.  Although being behind doesn’t mean we don’t acknowledge her.

By finding self-acceptance, acknowledge all aspects of yourself, just not your personality, but your whole body, thoughts and emotions; accepting yourself as you are with all your perfection and imperfections, is why I say unconditionally, you can fulfil your potential and inspire others to do it as well!

As we fulfil our deepest desires, we fulfil our hearts and soul.

© Anamarta

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