Chi or Qi is the vital energy or life force that is everywhere, so around us, nature is the perfect example of it, but also you can find it in our body. The mystery was unveiled when a Chi/Qi machine was created by a Japanese doctor, proving that the energy flows through the meridians (energy lines in our bodies) at 1.5 volts. My partner was on this demonstration  in London in the 90s. Magic, in my opinion, is no more than a change of consciousness. So my point is when we consciously tap into our Chi/Qi through breathing and movement, we can quickly transform how we feel. Actually even as space feels – when you clean and move things around in a space you can feel the difference, right? When you consciously give energy to a space to align with your intentions and optimise it’s energy flow (through Feng Shui), things definitely change, and for some, magic definitely happens!
Here is something you can do right now: Stop for a moment and breathe slowly through your nose. Why breathing through the nose?
Because when you do it you are supporting your immune system, inhaling through your nostrils and exhaling healthier air, that was already filtered to your lungs – the master of chi & breathing. Also by breathing through your nose stimulates the release of an important molecule that connects all your body systems: nitric oxide. A simple inhale through your nostrils not only supports your immune system but also respiratory and digestions systems, your memory (as you inhale you are bringing oxygen to your brain and also heart, it’s why also increases the cardiovascular function! The deeper the breathing, the better!!), your hormones and your skin health (in the Taoist/Chinese medicine the skin is linked with the lungs). With our Kuan Yin Qigong, we focus on deep soft breathing that helps lower heart rate and blood pressure which increases the blood and chi flow to all the organs that sustain our life. We also have various exercises to boost the immune system and keep it strong. And indeed what makes it specially crafted for women’s needs is the pelvis exercises and Chi Self Massage which cultivates hormonal balance (smoothing our cycles and moods), vitality and youth. I find Qigong and Tai Chi like moving meditations as the combination of focused breath and movement makes you feel calm, grounded and I also like to add some visualisation to it which supports our intentions of healing and manifestation. Also besides the precise exercises which address and open specific parts of the body, contributing to flexibility, suppleness, a deep sense of wellbeing, activating the meridians and enabling the bio-electro-magnetic force, Qi or Chi, to come on full charge. Similar to have nourishing acupuncture or shiatsu treatment! Wall Street Journal: “Qi can’t be measured objectively, says Shin Lin, a professor of cell biology at the University of California, Irvine. But his studies of qigong and tai chi practitioners have found a boost both in alpha brain waves, suggesting relaxation, and beta waves, indicating strong focus. It has the dual benefit of relaxing you, but also sharpening your mind,” And with this, another secret is to reveal the rejuvenation and longevity when circulating and storing Chi/Qi in our bodies. Another Taoist Ancient Secret:
Breath In and Out through your nose, like this you keep more Chi/Qi energy in your body.
As humans we are we can’t go without breath for more than a few minutes, so just pay attention to it, and you can see how can relax you, melt tension and make you feel good, allowing wellbeing to be an embodied state of being. Of course doing this with gentle, yet profound movement that opens, stretches and tones your body, you have a complete body, mind, and spirit workout! The beauty of it is whatever you feel or/and visualise the Chi/Qi you still benefit from its conscious cultivation, but indeed when you start to feel it, you are taking your Chi/Qi magic experience to another level!… Good news: everyone can do it! As Chi/Qi is like a muscle, something you can develop with practice. All the above explained why Kuan Yin Qigong is an integral part of the Jade Egg Holistic Practice, and therefore part of all my workshops, from short Circles to weekend training and week retreats. In the Jade Priestess Lineage, which carries the Ancient Yin Taoist Tradition, we do the same amount of Qigong and meditation, as the more rooted you are the higher you fly!…

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Here is the Kuan Yin Qigong Online Course from 15th February to 29th March & Teacher Training Retreat in Portugal from 30th July to 6h August 2022.