Jade Egg Power of Fusion 2.5 Days – Step 3

Pre-requisite – Jade Egg Step 1 & Step 2

Foundation & Yin Taoist Practice, Kuan Yin Qigong & Jade Egg Secrets

A building up and full integration of what you started in the previous workshops while stepping into the Taoist Inner Alchemy to detoxing the past, neutralising fear, managing emotions and habits, strengthen your energy field (aura), enhance grounding and have the total freedom to be yourself!
The Life Enhancing Fusion of the Five Elements
Feng Shui For Humans, as it harmonises your Inner Space through a process of deep refining of emotions in your organs, including the sexual organs as in the Kuan Yin Tradition. Steady Wellbeing results of work deeply with the organs, purify them, heal them and able to cultivate compassion energy as a daily practice. Harmony becomes a more permanent state of being, and the long term path of living healthy and fulfilled.
Benefits of the Fusion of the Five Elements in the Kuan Yin Tradition, addressing the Yin needs & Jade Egg Holistic Practice: 
    • Accessing deep layers of Womb Healing.
    • Connect with your Deep Feminine Wisdom.
    • Internal space-clearing gives Clarity and external Protection.
    • Deeply Rooted in the Earth, while highly connected with Heaven.
    • Balance/Harmony, Energy, Grounding and living in your full potential.
    • A Deep Exploration of our Internal Universe which brings a Deeper Connection with the Outer World.
    • Clearing negative emotions and enhancing positive virtues creates a sense of freedom from old patterns.
    • Inducing pure states of compassion and arousal creates the Power of Fusion within us, fusing these two vital states of orgasmic vibration into unconditional love for the self and others.
    • These Pre-Taoist Shamanic practices include profound self-healing experiences and an immediate increase in awareness and focus.


As novices we began with exercises to develop into a healthy organism capable of living in the physical world yet free of the tensions of ‘normal’ life. Learning to heal and love ourselves began with Jade Egg Holistic Practice “tools” you learned, enhanced with the Taoist Yin Healing Love practices.
*** Review, Update and Mastering the Jade Egg Holistic Practice from the previous workshops: Jade Egg Initiation and Healing Love.
*** Rich in Taoist symbolism, we open Psychic Channels, form the Pearl of Compassion, and learn to combine and integrate the energies of the Celestial Children, Guardian Animals and Planets of the Five Elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Metal and Wood.

Through Meditation, Visualisation, Exercises for the Whole Body (including the pelvis), Dance and Ritual.


  • Forming the Pakua, Cauldron, Pearl.
  • Recycling Negative Emotions Into Positive Energy.
  • Manifesting the totems: children and animals.
  • Healing Pearls, Empowerment Pearls.
  • Intermediate Steel Body Qigong (Iron Shirt).
  • Creating the Earth-Spirit Guardians, connecting with the Planets of Protection.
  • Forming the Energy-body.
  • Opening the Psychic Channels: Thrusting and Belt with Jade Gate Awareness.
  • Bliss Fountain.
By making the body permeable for the internal and external circulation of vital energy, we build a base to safely experiment with astral travel and internal journeying: Sealing the Aura and projecting the Energy-Body.
How the Jade Egg works as a unique psychosomatic healer, taking your Self-Healing and Self-Empowerment to another level.
***** Pre-view of the next level Advanced Jade Egg Weekend.
Sometimes we can deal with the old stuff, sometimes not, and perhaps some boxes are best left unopened… Fusion offers the Power to live our present Life in the present, and the resources to cope with the residual effects of past baggage.
Awaken your Soul! Free from environmental, educational and karmic conditioning, learn to be creatively active in the world, not to merely react to circumstances. Learn the means to gain control over “this” life, be aware of the immortality of your stream of consciousness, your true nature as spirit, your Self beyond the cycle of life and death.

This workshop runs in a safe, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, with carefully held boundaries to help you understand the theory and experiment with the practical activities.

Jade Egg Step 1, 2 and 3 Workshops are close to each other, as traditionally they are done together, but for most women’s convenience, we divided them into three weekends from June to July.

To Book Your Place please contact us. Or enjoy the Big Saving Below.

Friday 5th July 2024 thru Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th 

Investment: £247

During the powerful first New Moon of the season – Ritual included.

Timetable for this Online Workshop with Limited Places!

We’ll be flexible and go with the flow of the group:

  • Friday 5th July 2024 from 6.30 to 8.30pm BST (British Summer Time GMT+1)
  • Weekend 6th & 7th Jul. – 10am to 12pm break 1.30 to 3.30pm break 4.30 to 6.30pm
  • Offering: Wednesday 10th Jul. from 6.30 to 8/8.30pm – a session for Integration, Questions, Sharing (which will be done during the weekend, but here working as a workshop follow up).

BIG SAVING_For Four Workshops
From Initiation to Advanced 
(Step 1, 2, 3, 4)


We honour the commitment and would like to support it by offering a Big Saving when booking in advance for the four steps of the Jade Egg Training 2024: Initiation_Step 1 (7th-9th June Online) + Healing Love_Step 2 (22nd & 23rd June Online) + Power of Fusion_Step 3  (5th-7th July Online) +  Advanced _Step 4 (13th-15th September in London, in-person). They are all pre-requisites to be invited or apply to the Mastery Retreat_Step 5 for a small group of nine women in a magical place in Portugal. 

Please contact us if you would like to do your own saving combination:
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