Re-TREATS for:

The high peaks of the Lunar Calendar.   Occasionally some of the Solar (Pagan) Calendar special times.

TAO OF MOON POWER in the spirit of the JADE PRIESTESS, offering an opportunity to delve into this path of sharpening intuition, manifesting dreams and aligning with your true purpose.

All Women are Welcome! 

This is for you if you would like to:

  • Embrace your Mystic Power!
  • Let Your Inner Wisdom Be Your Guide!
  • Burn Your Fears And Light Your Heart’s Desires!

Unveiling Your Mysterious Feminine.

Our planet as all beings are linked with the moon as we are constituted mostly by water, which is why we feel her influence so strongly.

Every healing and life-giving process in our body happens through Water!

Also, we are cyclic beings, like the moon.

Grandmother Moon symbolises the psychic energy, intuition, the mystery, the unconscious that holds the secrets of knowledge and wisdom, the yin energy, the right side of our brain.

How can we be in harmony with this receptive, mystic and energy of ‘being’ in our everyday life? 

In this training you’ll explore this, and lay the inspiration to embody it. Everyone can do it, it’s all about definite priorites and choices.

The Jade Priestess Lineage, in the Ancient Taoist Tradition also associates the moon with the kidneys, which play an important role in our body: the kidneys are linked with our sexual organs, they are the storehouse of our genetic energy (aka the energy we bring with us), and our power!

But the Water Element in our body isn’t just represented in the kidneys and sexual organs, but also in our bladder, bones, brain, even your hair, teeth and nails.
It is linked with the sense of hearing. And our 6th sense, the listening from within, the vision beyond the visible…

Through the Self-Healing Jade Egg Holistic Practice 

  • Kuan Yin Qigong – mostly focus on strengthening your Kidneys Chi, Pelvic Health, and other aspects related to the theme of each workshop.
  • Womb Wisdom and Jade Gate (reproductive organs) Healing – for deep self-awareness of the power you have within.
  • Feminine Embodiment Practice – inclusive of the sacred union of the Divine Feminine & Masculine within.
  • Jade Priestess Ancient Secrets of the Jade Egg as the Moon crystal, as a kidney healer, and more!…
  • Healing Sounds in the Kuan Yin tradition, Meditation, Breathing and Visualisation.
  • Yin Practice for Grounding, Radiant Health, Hormonal Balance and Vitality.
  • Taoist Inner Alchemy to transform the body’s water for the highest good.
  • Sisterhood, Priestesshood, Goddesshood Celebration!
  • Shadow Work – at one with your evil twin.

Each workshop is going to have an Empowering Ritual for Clearing, Healing and Manifestation to make the most of these energy peaks.

Following and complementing each other – 2 Workshops, 2 Spirals.

Below you find the saving for the two workshops, also the option for the single Jade Priestess Circle.

Timetable in UK Time (aka GMT) Investment 

SPECIAL TAOIST (CHINESE) RABBIT NEW YEAR Workshops, details on the links

WE STILL HAVE THE RECORDING AVAILABLE from the first workshop, it will be sent with guidelines on how to prepare for the ritual and some Free Qigong videos. 1.47min Recording 


*** Sunday 22nd January 2023 – Manifesting the Life You Want For Chinese New Year! 

3h Workshop: first part from 2.23pm to 3.53pm – 30min. break – 4.30 to 6pm – this second part with Rabbit New Year Insights + Pakua Earth Magic Ritual to Feng Shui our lives for the New Year + Learning how to use the Pakua to Feng Shui your space +  Tips to enhance the energy of it and open the highway for healing and manifestation have the RECORDING Available.


As the Chinese New Year is a two weeks celebration with the culmination on the Full Moon, we have a workshop that follows and complements the above in the


*** Sunday 5th February 2023 – Creativity & Success + The Fierce Feminine, the Lioness!

2h Workshop: from 4.30 to 6.30pm


The Saving when Signing Up for Both Workshops – £44



The information below is from last year, but this 7-Day Retreat Programme is open for hosting in 2023, would you like to put together this epic experience? Please contact us.


7-Day RETREAT in PORTUGAL from 11th to 18th May 2022

During the most potent Full Moon of the year with a Total Lunar Eclipse, the blend of light and dark, a Taoist Delight which will celebrate our Inner Marriage and profound week of Inner Alchemy.

We also have a special and auspicious Friday 13th (it was considered the ‘Day of the Goddess’, being a Venus day and the number of the Divine Feminine, the moon cycles, blood, fertility…).

The Moon in Scorpion, the Deep Yin, the mysterious, the sexuality and healing of it…

The Eclipses are known since ancient times for their powerful influence.  A Lunar Eclipse is a great opportunity for deep healing.

TAO (The Way) OF FEMININE EMPOWERMENT In the Path of Kuan Yin

A Unique and Traditional Jade Priestess Initiation, that will include all the aspects of this Lineage which are:

Self-Healing, including the Jade Egg Secrets in a tradition of +5000 years, the Art of Bedchamber (Ancient Tantric Secrets), Shamanic Healing, and Martial Arts with Tai Chi Qigong including Self-Defence for Women.

With Plenty of Moon Power Insights and Moon Magic to clear, heal and manifest. Besides the moon representing the secrets of wisdom and the psychic Yin energy, Jade is the crystal of the moon… (On the online training below you can read more about this).

Moon Harmony – understanding your cycles through all stages of your womanhood, the moon cycles, and the moon inside you.

All Women are Welcome! 

Unveiling Your Mysterious Feminine,

The Time Is Now, The Power Is You!

The world is in need more than ever of heart-womb centered leadership, in empowered women with compassionate hearts.

This is an Epic Training for a small group, especially crafted for you to step into Your Full Potential while Igniting the Sacred Feminine Codes to fulfil your Soul Purpose. 

In Sisterhood, we’ll raise our vibration and consciously spread for the good of the planet, as the change starts inside us!

Revealing Ancient Secrets For Modern Life and the Embodiment of Radiant Health in all levels.

  • Embrace Your Mystic Power! 
  • Let Your Inner Wisdom Be Your Guide!
  • Burn Your Fears And Light Your Heart’s Desires!
  • And Much More!…

An amazing venue in the lovely countryside of Afife, in the North of Portugal, surrounded by nature, between mountains and sea with delicious food prepared by our in-house chefs. 

This Life-Enhancing and Enriching Experiencing: it’s also a nourishing and empowering holiday.


Inner Alchemy For Inner Harmony

Through the Jade Egg Holistic Practice with still, standing and moving Meditation, Healing Sounds, Kuan Yin Qigong, Shamanic and Feminine Embodiment Practices, Dance (including Hawaiian Hula and Indian Gypsy Dance), Ritual and Ceremony.

A graceful Journey through the Five Elements around us and inside us:






Harnessing the 5 Elements within the Jade Egg Benefits with crystal healing.

The 5 Elements are also part of Tai Chi, as Goddesses do Martial Arts!

Tai Chi means Ultimate Force, which for Anamarta, is a way of life, and:

The greatest Meditation in Motion I came across, uniting us in perfect harmony with Earth below and Heaven above, yin and yang, which benefits body, mind, and spirit!

Tai Chi is the essence of Feminine Empowerment, connecting with higher and lower forces on the spiritual path, for self-defence or simply to harmonise with the environment and alleviate the effects of stress.

This retreat is the expansion of various training Anamarta has been sharing since 2007, on the links you find the full details of what we are going to do and its benefits. And part of it is the:


The Unique Jade Egg Holistic Practice brings benefits to all levels of your being, as it was developed to address the different woman’s needs using the Jade Egg as a psychosomatic healing tool, benefiting beyond the pelvic floor.


  • Refine your Emotions.
  • Connect with your Divine Feminine.
  • Awaken the body’s sensuous femininity.
  • Grounding, Being Centered in your Power!
  • Improve your Health, Natural Beauty and Vitality.
  • Enjoy a Deep and Intimate Relationship With Yourself.
  • Embrace Unconditional Self-Love and Self-Acceptance.
  • Kidney and Adrenal Glands Wellbeing and Rejuvenation.
  • Access and Honour your Vital Life Force (creative/sexual energy).
  • Womb Wisdom – healing our ancestral lineage and accessing the knowledge we carry from them.
By evolving the path of self-healing and self-mastery you live life to the full!

The Secrets of the famous Jade Egg, along with this Holistic Practice offers a safe and complete use of the Jade Egg as a Tool, a Jewel, and a Talisman, maximising its benefits.

The Life-Enhancing Ovarian Breathing 

Ovarian Breathing is traditionally called “Ovarian Kung Fu”, Kung Fu is the way of doing things or can be also “the skill achieved through hard work and practice”. Important in any stage of womanhood to recycle the sexual energy (women lose through menstruation and childbirth) and make the most of it! Transforming and circulating the energy through the Small Heavenly Cycle/Microcosmic Orbit to prevent the drainage of your life force.

Benefits of the Yin Taoist Healing Love, the Ovarian Breathing and Upward Draw/ working with the orgasmic energy from a heart space:

  • Enhance Creativity.
  • Sexual Health and Fulfilment.
  • Deepening Unconditional Self-Love.
  • Ignite Manifestation and Magnetism.
  • Celebrate Alieveness and Confidence.
  • Increase Vitality/ Feeling More Energy.
  • Embrace Sensuality and the Divine Feminine Self.
  • Reduce, and for some women totally finish with menopause syndromes, welcoming to the Second Spring!
  • Improved Stamina and Enhanced Sensation through the “whole body orgasm.” In other words, longer, deeper loving towards yourself and others
  • Healthy Moontime – Reduce, and for some women totally finish with PMS, + healthy blood, lighter flow, shorter and painless cycles.


How the Jade Egg works as a Healing Love Tool, taking your Empowerment, Vitality and Wellbeing to another level.

Our days will be from morning to evening, flowing smoothly, with Aloha to the Sun and Moon Kuan Yin Qigong, and big breaks in between sessions with plenty of time to enjoy the heated swimming pool, beautiful surroundings, meet like-minded women and make new friends. And indeed to inner retreat and to be.

We will explore also some topics such as Shamanic Menstruation, Feminine Herbology and a few other empowering gems!



  • +37 hours of professional training, rituals and ceremony.
  • Accommodation with ensuite bedrooms.
  • Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner, with snacks and water.
  • Transfers from and to Porto Airport (1h journey).
  • Follow up Sessions on the following New Moon Solar Eclipse with Manifesting Ritual, joining other women, and exclusive for the retreat group for Integration, Sharing and More!…
  • Invitation to be part of the FB private group for the Jade Priestesses.
  • Three E-Books by Anamarta:

Goddess Insights, Inspirations & Secrets – a lifetime collection of inner and outer exploration of the Divine Feminine.

Beauty Recipes, Tips & Secrets – old family recipes, from the most recently discovered ones in Anamarta’s travels around the world. Which includes whole body care (specific for breast and Jade Gate/ sexual organs).

Secrets of Rebirth and Health – filled with great information, tips and inspiration for life.

Does Not Include: flights, local travel and personal expenses.

Please contact us to APPLY NOW, just drop us a line at saying why would you like to join this retreat.

We’ll get back to you, and if it is a fit, you get the details of how to proceed with your booking.

To guarantee your place will need a deposit. It is not refundable as in our Terms & Conditions, we trust you are committed as we are.


After this retreat, you are qualified for the Jade Egg Power of Fusion Workshop and the Intermediate Qualification for the Kuan Yin Qigong Teacher Training Retreat.