Re-TREATS for the Special Full Moons of February, the first of the Tiger Chinese Year and last of the season just before the Equinox. For the Retreat in Portugal scroll down.

RETREAT in Portugal from Wednesday 11th to Wed. 18th May 2022, in the most potent Full Moon of the year with a Total Lunar Eclipse, and also during a special Friday 13th.


TAO OF MOON POWER in the spirit of the JADE PRIESTESS, offering an opportunity to delve into this path of sharpening intuition, manifesting dreams and aligning with your true purpose.

All Women are Welcome! 

This is for you if you would like to:

  • Embrace your Mystic Power!
  • Let Your Inner Wisdom Be Your Guide!
  • Burn Your Fears And Light Your Heart’s Desires!

Unveiling Your Mysterious Feminine.

Our planet as all beings are linked with the moon as we are constituted mostly by water, which is why we feel her influence so strongly.

Every healing and life-giving process in our body happens through Water!

Also, we are cyclic beings, like the moon.

Grandmother Moon symbolises the psychic energy, intuition, the mystery, the unconscious that holds the secrets of knowledge and wisdom, the yin energy, the right side of our brain.

How can we be in harmony with this receptive, mystic and energy of ‘being’ in our everyday life? 

In this training you’ll explore this, and lay the inspiration to embody it. Everyone can do it, it’s all about definite priorites and choices.

The Jade Priestess Lineage, in the Ancient Taoist Tradition also associates the moon with the kidneys, which play an important role in our body: the kidneys are linked with our sexual organs, they are the storehouse of our genetic energy (aka the energy we bring with us), and our power!

But the Water Element in our body isn’t just represented in the kidneys and sexual organs, but also in our bladder, bones, brain, even your hair, teeth and nails.
It is linked with the sense of hearing. And our 6th sense, the listening from within, the vision beyond the visible…

Through the Self-Healing Jade Egg Holistic Practice 

  • Kuan Yin Qigong – mostly focus on strengthening your Kidneys Chi, Pelvic Health, and other aspects related to the theme of each workshop.
  • Womb Wisdom and Jade Gate (reproductive organs) Healing – for deep self-awareness of the power you have within.
  • Feminine Embodiment Practice – inclusive of the sacred union of the Divine Feminine & Masculine within.
  • Jade Priestess Ancient Secrets of the Jade Egg as the Moon crystal, as a kidney healer, and more!…
  • Healing Sounds in the Kuan Yin tradition, Meditation, Breathing and Visualisation.
  • Yin Practice for Grounding, Radiant Health, Hormonal Balance and Vitality.
  • Taoist Inner Alchemy to transform the body’s water for the highest good.
  • Sisterhood, Priestesshood, Goddesshood Celebration!
  • Shadow Work – at one with your evil twin.

Each workshop is going to have an Empowering Ritual for Clearing, Healing and Manifestation for each Full Moon to make the most of these energy peaks.

Also will be shared tips and insights to tune into the energy of the following month, to keep the flow of the ongoing journey for a total of 2* lunar cycles. *(2 is the moon number, is the second brightest light in the sky after the sun, and in her phases the moon has two horns. The ancients believe that 2 was a very feminine, receptive number…)

Following and complementing each other – 2 Workshops, 2 Spirals.

Below you find the saving for the two workshops, also the option for the single Jade Priestess Circle.

Timetable Investment  

2h at 7.07pm to 9.07pm UK Time on Different Dates.

DATES & THEMES with the +  for each workshop:


Wednesday 16th Feb. (Leo Full Moon) – Creativity & Success…
+ The Fierce Feminine, the Lioness!

Friday 18th Mar. (Virgo Full Moon) – Renewal & Sovereignty…
+ The Sacred Feminine.


***** 2 Workshops Saving £33.97

***** 1 Workshop Regular Price £20.97


Places Are Limited!

On the Day of the Workshops, the bookings close one hour before we open the Jade Temple, 6.07pm UK Time.