Do you know when you squeeze (contracting and then relaxing) your Jade Gate (Taoist name for the vagina) and your perineum (the “Gate of Life and Death”, the point between the anus and the genitals) you enhance your energy field, yes your aura?

The contraction of the perineum helps to keep the energy (including the sexual energy) in the body allowing you to cultivate more and more energy without loss, this is one of the Taoist secrets to cultivate longevity.

Contracting and relaxing the genitals not only tonifies the muscles in the pelvis, lubricates the Jade Gate, and activates blood flow and sexual hormones to the brain.  In sexual reflexology the pineal gland is linked with the clitoris.

And when you wear the Jade Egg, (obviously inside your Jade Gate) you move energy, indeed is a healing crystal inside you, but I now have confirmation that also expands our energy centers, yes our chakras.

I decided while presenting in Mind Body Soul Festival to take an Aura-Photo, inspired by seeing one of my partner and Taoist Master Kris Deva North, where he had a photo of him ‘normal’, and then one squeezing the perineum, and how his aura changed!…

I had done my Jade Egg Holistic Practice in the morning, which included asking permission to my body to work with the Jade Egg, had a ‘yes’, and went through its sacred insertion (sipping the egg in) and off I go to open the Festival with Kuan Yin Qigong, and then do a Talk for Women.

When I finished, I took the Jade Egg out for the first Aura-Photo, and then went to the toilet sip the egg in (with practice it’s quite quick, even standing up!…) and took the second Aura-Photo. (They actually are taken within a few minutes difference)

So LOOK at this 1st photo of me normal, in stillness:

And now LOOK at this 2nd photo of me squeezing the perineum with the Jade Egg inside me:

Incredible how my Aura became brighter and denser, and if you look closer even has an extra layer around it. 

And from their analysis the aura light around me on the right: “Glorious inner light, your aura shines and radiates towards others with loving, healing energy; you put the highest vibrational frequency out into the world”. The light around me on the left:  “Peace, meditation, intuition tranquillity and spirituality; looks that you are in a time of your life of intense beauty, inner peace and oneness with the divine”.

But what amazed me actually was the change in the chakras aka energy centers!!

They all expanded, with the exception of the first, root chakra which I believe due to the strong contraction I was doing with my Jade Gate and perineum, actually the light is stronger and looks like also contracted… But mostly chakras became denser, changed shape and color!…

Notice the amazing expansion of the navel (sexual and creative energy center), the heart (love and compassion center) and third eye (spiritual reflection and insight; inner wisdom center…).

I also found very interesting the change of the heart chakra from blue to white, from their analysis: 

“You glow with mysterious inner light and live by intuition. You are an inspiration to those around you and you work to heal yourself and others”.

The change of the crown chakra from bright white to bright pink, blending more with the aura: 

“There is enchantment and deep spiritual understanding in your path. Magic, whimsy, and clairvoyance, highly charged with healing energy”.

The original shape that the throat chakra took“You wish to communicate messages of harmony, beauty, peace and spirituality; an expression of a higher order. Each encounter is dealt with patience, calm and with compassion. You radiate a mysterious and magical inner peace, which draws people to your ethereal and serene personality”

And the doubling of the light in the third eye chakra: “Not only you are a fairylike creature, seemingly from another world, you are also a natural and clear conduit for spiritual healing energy. You channel pure, divine light and heal others with your presence”.

All the above could not be more aligned with my work, well life, dedicated to the Jade Circle®!… 

Can you imagine the people from the Aura-Photo: What have you done?!?

This is a result of the continuing exploration and application of the Jade Egg Holistic Practice, I don’t believe you wear a Jade Egg and squeeze and come up with all these.

The fact is this proves how this practice benefits our general wellbeing in an energetical level, and the physical body always follows the energetical.

To tap into your power of self-healing and self-mastery, with an open heart and empowered self, takes the courage and determination to prioritise yourself above all and take the time, I mean quality time to dedicate to yourself. I found that actually the time I give to others then is perhaps less in quantity, but definitely much more in quality.

“Around a true Healer everyone is healed” Kris Deva North – took me a while to understand this, but now makes perfect sense!

I hear a lot from people when it comes to doing something towards themselves: “I don’t have time…” and my answer is “But you have time to be ill, unhappy” (whatever is the situation…) It’s all about options we make; the rest, to be honest, is excuses, or not feeling ready to take responsibility for our whole being, what is fair enough, as everyone has their own time.

If you feel the call to take delve into your self-healing, and take self-care and wellbeing for another level you welcome to join our workshops and retreats, and for the Jade Egg specifically, the 5 Steps Training, which starts with the Jade Egg Initiation.

© Anamarta