Coming from a crystal healing background, when I first came across the Jade Egg more than fifteen years ago, I immediately understood why Jade: a powerful crystal, is powerful in a feminine way, both gentle and profound, offering to heal both kidneys (linked with the sexual organs) and heart, making perfect sense for this intimate journey to the inward Self.

The Jade Egg comes from the Yin (women) Ancient Taoist tradition to tone the pelvic floor, “P-C muscle” (“the love muscle”), energise the reproductive area leading to pain-free moontime (menstruation) and relief of many symptoms of reproductive conditions, and enabling a fantastic sex-life at any age (yes, pleasure is ageless!). This is how women keep their sexual health, vitality, natural beauty, tune into their womb wisdom and self-healing. This sounds amazing (“I want this!”) but I knew that to reap all these benefits there must be something more.  After all Jade being a crystal filled with healing properties makes me realise the Jade Egg goes far beyond the pelvic floor.

Also, I knew that for proper use of crystal we really have to tune into its vibrations, especially wearing internally!!… It’s not all crystals that I would put inside me, as some are actually toxic and dangerous for such things, others can be overwhelming, bring unpleasant side effects and disrupt your body on all levels!

Crystals can enhance energy, so besides Jade not being of the quartz family which naturally amplify energy (which internally can be quite overwhelming), it still moves energy.  The Jade Egg practice is actually a Qigong practice for the reproductive organs, moving the chi (energy) which connects with the rest of the body… So this made me aware that myself and my body had to be prepared to receive the Jade Egg, and with this emerged my Jade Egg Holistic Practice & Kuan Yin Qigong – a combination of ‘tools’ to create a safe Jade Egg experience while maximising the benefits.

So this amazing ‘tool’, properly used, is indeed great to enhance women’s optimal health, internal alchemy for inner harmony, rejuvenation, inner strength, cultivating the feminine virtues (such as love, compassion, openness…), to honour the sacred feminine within, which includes our sacred sexuality and sensuality.

When working holistically the Jade Egg benefits are on all levels: physical, emotional and energetic.

The Jade Egg: A Jewel?

Yes!  I came across the highest quality of Jade in 2007 at the Jade Museum in Thailand, where I learned even more about it. And the highest quality Jade is the translucent Imperial Jade, considered one of the five most precious stones (with diamond, ruby, emerald and sapphire); its hardness is around 7 (the diamond is about 10 ). And this is Jadeite, the most valuable Jade in the world, which comes in different colours and can be more expensive than gold. I was immediately thinking about how could I get the best quality fit for the purpose?

And this is the Nephrite Jade, mostly a beautiful deep green, often with some black or/and brown spots and also a very hard stone 6 – mostly used for carving and jewellery, as it doesn’t break easily!

Through its hardness, colour and vibration you can assess the quality of a crystal.

But what made this Highest Nephrite Jade ideal for our Jade Egg was its fibrous formation, which makes it hard, thus not breakable. Also different from other crystals does not absorb bacteria and is therefore safe and hygienic for our practice.

I learned by trying other Nephrite Jade, even being sold as “certified” and “high quality” – was not anywhere near the same, as it would break or crack; or change colour (losing its original strong colour).

I source only the high quality Jade Eggs direct from a mine that has supplied me for more than a decade without a single complaint.

A Jewel for one of the sacred parts of our female body, the Jade Egg becomes an extension of how I acknowledge my Divine feminine self.

The Jade Egg: A Tool, A Jewel – and finally why a Talisman?

First let’s define a talisman: something that is believed to contain energetical or even magical properties which may work as protection and good luck. 

The shape of the egg itself is since ancient times a powerful symbol of fertility, the spark of creation, rebirth (new life), and the embodiment of life; also the egg is associated with purity, protection, growth and new beginnings.

Guess what?

Jade is a crystal of protection and the Taoists (Chinese) worshipped it as good luck for thousands of years! And its properties are associated with all the above about the egg shape! A super talisman indeed!!…

“Since ancient times to the present day, we have surrounded the egg with magical and supernatural beliefs. Eggs symbolize life in its different stages of development, encompassing the magic and mystery of creation.” Daniel “Myth-egg-stical” Kim

Throughout the world, different cultures worship the symbolism of the eggs, from promoting fertility to restoring virility, and even the Chinese for divining the future.  Some shamanic practices and ceremonies use eggs for healing.

The Taoists (and the Hindus’) explanation of the beginning of the world saw it as a cosmic egg out of which all creation is said to have emerged.

In crystal healing, the egg shape detects and corrects energy imbalances (blockages) in the body. This is what the Jade Egg does inside us when properly used.

The shape of the egg carries these energies and beliefs, but you can create your own talisman when you put your intentions on it.

For me the Jade Egg is my talisman, working as an ‘anchor’ of my whole being: health, feminine empowerment,  goddesshood; abundance in all levels of my life, my sensuality, aligned with my inner wisdom and ability to share my gifts with others!

© Anamarta