Do you know Jade is associated with Abundance and Fertility?

Actually, not only physical abundance but opens the path to open our heart to Divine Abundance and sharing with others in affirmation of plenty. And I mean just not fertility to create a baby, but to create the life you want as well! To reinforce this: the shape of the egg is being worshipped as a symbol of fertility since ancient times.

The Jade Egg after more than a decade of deep personal exploration and sharing with other women I found it to be an amazing tool, jewel and talisman! And indeed to support abundance in all levels of my life… And create the fertile ground to live my dreams! 

But how to embrace abundance in all levels of your life?
Here an invitation to reflect, meditate and sincerely answer to yourself:

  • What abundance means to you?
  • How does abundance manifest in your life?
  • Which areas of your life would you like to bring more abundance?
  • How can you manifest the abundance you wish for?

From my experience I felt to embrace abundance in all levels in my life, I needed to create space in my whole being; and for that to open wide my heart, my mind and my soul to everything the Universe can provide! And with this came a sense of trust, that everything I need is provided at the right time. Also, besides this it’s obvious that I had to do everything I can in the ‘mundane dimension’, to work and give my best, in order to achieve what I want. And last, but not least the Great Mother Earth, being such an inspiring and wonderful teacher, by observing Her perfect cycles and tune with her as a source of continuous learning and empowerment.

By chance (if exist such a thing!!…), I came across this “When we approach our lives with trust rather skepticism, we are allowing our minds to be fertile ground for enrichment.” by Jamie Sams in Sacred Path Cards.

© Anamarta