Jade Egg Healing Love Weekend – Step 2

Pre-requisite – Jade Egg Initiation (Step 1)

Foundation & Yin Taoist Practice, Kuan Yin Qigong & Jade Egg Secrets

A building up and full integration of what you started in the previous workshop while you open the door to master your most powerful energy within, your sexual energy, your creative force. When you consciously tap into this energy of creation, you have in your hands the power to heal, transform, create what you want!

The Life Enhancing Ovarian Breathing

Ovarian Breathing is traditionally called “Ovarian Kung Fu”, Kung Fu is the way of doing things or can be also “the skill achieved through hard work and practice”. Important in any stage of womanhood to recycle the sexual energy (women lose through menstruation and childbirth) and make the most of it! Transforming and circulating the energy through the Small Heavenly Cycle/Microcosmic Orbit to prevent the drain of your life-force.

Benefits of the Yin Taoist Healing Love, the Ovarian Breathing and Upward Draw/ working with the orgasmic energy from a heart space:

  • Enhance Creativity.
  • Sexual Health and Fulfilment.
  • Deepening Unconditional Self-Love.
  • Ignite Manifestation and Magnetism.
  • Celebrate Aliveness and Confidence.
  • Increase Vitality/ Feeling More Energy.
  • Embrace Sensuality and the Divine Feminine Self.
  • Reduce, and for some women totally finish with menopause syndromes, welcoming to the Second Spring!
  • Improved Stamina and Enhanced Sensation through the “whole body orgasm.” In other words, longer, deeper loving towards yourself and others
  • Healthy Moontime – Reduce, and for some women totally finish with PMS, + healthy blood, lighter flow, shorter and painless cycles.


*** Review, Update and Mastering the Jade Egg Holistic Practice from the previous workshop:
Kuan Yin Qigong Warm up and Steel Body Qigong; Inner Smile, Healing Sounds in the Kuan Yin Tradition, Womb Breathing and Rooting, Kidneys and Adrenal Glands Breathing & Rejuvenation, Jade Egg Exercises.

*** Refine the Chi Self Massage to Special Exercises to increase blood flow to the vital organs and maintain sexual health, including the breast and nipple massage to cultivate hormonal balance in your daily life.

*** Cultivating the Heart, Harmonising Love & Power.

Through Meditation, Visualisation, Exercises for the Whole Body (including the pelvis), Dance and Ritual.


  • Completion/Mastery the Microcosmic Orbit including:
  • * Warming the Stove.
  • * Connecting the Energy Centres.
  • * Circulating the Love-Energy.
  • Breath of Life: breathing Chi into the sources of Life, the Ovaries.
  • Breath of Power: Compression
  • Opening the Gates: Lake of Yin, Lake of Yang, Fountain and Waterfall.
  • Cultivating the Energy of Love: opening the gate to bliss on the path to ecstasy.
  • Upward Draw.
  • Taoist Tantra and Tantric traditions.
  • Breath of Love: how to harmonise partnership breathing.
How the Jade Egg works as a Healing Love Tool,
taking your Empowerment, Vitality and Wellbeing
to another level.


***  The Taoist Practices For Men: the Big Draw

*** Yab Yum/Maithuna

***** Pre-view of the next level

       Jade Egg Power of Fusion.

As a spiritual practice, Healing Love is the beginning of the short path to enlightenment through ecstasy, and understanding pleasure as a gateway to bliss, on the path to ecstasy. Conserve and transform sexual energy to release immense, potentially explosive, internal power. Learn to channel it through the Small Heavenly Cycle (Microcosmic Orbit) as a safe foundation for awakening the Kundalini.
Circulate the generative forces from the genital organs to the higher energy centres to Invigorate and Rejuvenate All Your Vital Functions, Improve Health, and Slow Depletion of your genetic energy-bank, or “Ancestral Qi.” Experience more Satisfying Relationships, starting with your own self, as a result of doing the practices at any level: physical, energetic, spiritual.

includedThis Training is part of the JADE PRIESTESS INITIATION RETREAT in Portugal from the

22nd to the 29th May 2024

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This workshop runs in a safe, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, with carefully held boundaries to help you understand the theory and experiment with the practical activities.

Jade Egg Step 1, 2 and 3 Workshops are close to each other, as traditionally they are done together, but for most women’s convenience, we divided them into three weekends from June to July.

To Book Your Place please contact us. Or enjoy the Big Saving Below.

Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd June 2024

Investment: £207

Following the Solstice and during the powerful first Full Moon of the season – Ritual included.

Timetable for this Online Workshop with Limited Places!

We’ll be flexible and go with the flow of the group:

  • Sat. & Sun. – 10am to 12pm break 1.30 to 3.30pm break 4.30 to 6.30pm BST (British Summer Time GMT+1)
  • Offering: Wednesday 26th Jun. 2024 from 6.30 to 8/8.30pm – a session for Integration, Questions, Sharing (which will be done during the weekend, but here working as a workshop follow up).

BIG SAVING_For Four Workshops
From Initiation to Advanced 
(Step 1, 2, 3, 4)


We honour the commitment and would like to support it by offering a Big Saving when booking in advance for the four steps of the Jade Egg Training 2024: Initiation_Step 1 (7th-9th June Online) + Healing Love_Step 2 (22nd & 23rd June Online) + Power of Fusion_Step 3  (5th-7th July Online) +  Advanced _Step 4 (13th-15th September in London, in-person). They are all pre-requisites to be invited or apply to the Mastery Retreat_Step 5 for a small group of nine women in a magical place in Portugal. 

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