My suggestion just not for the new year, but for life, anytime you come across this article is:
A Pleasure List of Things to Do!!

Yes, I really mean it and highly suggest it, you know as well as me how good we are making these lists “To Do”…
And do you put yourself in the top of your list to do?
That comes up quite often at our Circles.
This emerged when I was being pampered in a spa in India…
I was having such a pleasurable time and thinking “I really enjoy this…”. The other thought that follows was: “What really gives me pleasure this life?… All levels of pleasure: body, mind and spirit…”
So I suggest this for you:

  • In your mind go through everything that gives you pleasure. I can extend this to everything that makes you happy, really makes your heart smile and your whole being feeling great!  And this should really include everything! I know some things involve some cost* (my example of going to the spa), but others not (being in nature for example).
  • Then write down your Pleasure List To Do.
  • Next step is to every day making sure that you do one of the things from your Pleasure List To Do (more, better; by keeping simple goals, make them achievable… everything else is a wonderful extra!)

*To the things that give you pleasure (make you happy) that involve a cost:
You can make them happen!
Put your intentions (this means believe you can do it!) to have the resources to do it so…
Also is about choices and the priorities in your life; which we associated normally with responsibilities.
But is indeed a responsibility to feel good and happy, to prioritise ourselves!
I found by choosing pleasure, feeling recharged and inspired, I get the energy and power to manifest what I need to take care of my responsibilities… The other thing that comes with it is trusting that the Universe provides everything we need at the time…

Another thing I found useful and relate to it, if not daily, every so often is to ask myself these three questions:

*** Am I where I want to be?

*** Am I doing what I want to do?

*** Am I with who I want to be?

I’m quoting Kris Deva North, from his great e-book, I had the pleasure to contribute to: From Stress to VITALITY NOW! Secrets of Love and Life Mastery for Men and Women – definitely recommend it!

All to say to enjoy life, celebrate your beautiful and Divine Feminine self and be happy! And happiness is not to be wished but to be taken!… Carpe Diem! (the Latin to enjoy life as if it’s your last day, or as in the dictionary “to make the most of the present time and give little thought to the future”).

© Anamarta