Advanced Jade Egg Weekend – Step 4

Pre-requisite – Step 1, Step 2, Step 3

To go deeper with the Yin and Jade Egg Practice and apply these profound benefits in all levels of your sacred feminine being, reflecting in all areas of your life.

With the Unique Advanced Jade Egg Holistic Practice, we Embody the Divine Feminine, the Sacred Sexual and Sensual Self.

  • Centre in your power.
  • Blossoming of your Life Force.
  • Deep cleansing & detoxification.
  • Inner Strength & Self-Awareness.
  • Cultivation of a compassionate heart.
  • Exploring the sacred sexual feminine.
  • Igniting Womb Wisdom & Vitality in your daily life.
  • Tap into your innate happiness & highest creativity.
  • And more! In a safe, comfortable and relaxed environment.

Through Meditation, Shamanic Practices, Advanced Kuan Yin Qigong, Dance and Ceremony you’ll open the door to: 

Living the path of a pleasurable life, with an open heart and an empowered self! 

*** Review and evolve with what you’ve learned in previous workshops, together with new, quick and practical ways of doing ovarian and kidney breathing and packing.

***Taoist Supreme Inner Alchemy: Advanced Fusion in the Kuan Yin Tradition.

***Focus on the sexual aspect of the 5 Elements (Fire-passion, Wood-desire, Earth-sensuality, Metal-fragrance, Water-reproduction).

In Tune with your Infinite Inner Resources for Self-healing & Self-Mastery.


  • The Genital Six Healing Sounds.
  • Into your garden for new discoveries.
  • Permeation of the Energy-body, Cutting & Drilling.
  • Complete the Eight Psychic Channels with Great Bridge & Regulator.
  • Deepening Breast Care for a steady hormonal balance and radiant health.
  • Exploration of the senses.Enhancing the six senses.
  • Jade Egg advanced, unique and new exercises developed by Anamarta.
  • Jade Egg control and awareness – pulling, pushing, movements around, up and down.
  • Activating the Three Fires.
  • Sacrum Gate to the world beyond the visible, into the 8 forces of the Universe.
  • Journey into the sacred cave.
  • The three sacred gates, the sacred waters.
  • The 3rd gate, women’s ambrosia.
  • Introduction to Hands of Light, Cosmic Qigong.
In the spirit of sacredness and with a light heart we’ll embrace a journey into our feminine mystery celebrating the gifts and challenges it can bring us, taking the most of both to create and manifest fulfilment in our life and the lives of the ones around us. As we achieve this harmonious and shining balance of our yin and yang selves, this inner light will spread to the world.

The completion of this weekend qualifies you to apply or to be invited for the Jade Egg Mastery Retreat (Step 5), with various other things: Taoist Shamanism and higher practices, a step deeper into the secret Universe Beyond the visible, the mountain in space, the ancient healing forest, Fire under Water, and the beginning of the Journey through the Inner Eye.

To Book Your Place please contact us. Or enjoy the Big Saving Below.

Friday 9th September 2022 thru Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th – During the Special Harvest Full Moon, magic ritual will be part of it.

Investment: £237

Timetable for this Online Workshop with Limited Places!

We’ll be flexible and go with the flow of the group:

  • Friday 9th Sep. from 6.30 to 8.30pm BST (British Summer Time aka GMT+1)
  • Weekend 10th & 11th Sep. – 10am to 12pm break 1.30 to 3.30pm break 4.30 to 6.30pm
  • Offering: Wednesday 14th Sep. from 6.30 to 8/8.30pm – a session for Integration, Questions, Sharing (which obviously will be done during the weekend, but here working as a workshop follow up).

BIG SAVING_For Four Workshops
From Initiation to Advanced 
(Step 1, 2, 3, 4)


We honour the commitment and would like to support it by offering a Big Saving when booking in advance for the four steps of the Jade Egg Training 2022: Initiation_Step 1 (10th-12th June) + Healing Love_Step 2 (25th & 26th June) + Power of Fusion_Step 3  (8th-10th July) +  Advanced _Step 4 (9th-11th September). They are all pre-requisites to be invited or apply to the Mastery Retreat_Step 5 for a small group of nine women in a magical place in the UK. 

Please contact us if you would like to do your own saving combination:
10% saving when booking two courses in advance and
20% saving when booking three or more workshops in advance.